No mintage

Unlike coins, there is scant little data on what what printed and what was destroyed. They publish some annual numbers, but these are lacking with all the short run issues that are out there. Most comics 20 year old will sell for 10-20 cents in average condition on Ebay in lots of 20 or more. It is one of the toughest ways to make money. I think if that is what you want to do, then stick to the ultra rare first issues that always will have a buyer. The odd independent is 95% chance of losing 80% of the cover price. I have just got lucky with certain titles over the years. Most were losers. It would have helped if I bagged and boarded them in the 60’s and 70’s but it was a different time. PVC bags ruined many comics so people were better off not using anything it seems. Today it is more difficult since Marvel?DC makes a book form of any hot series. Why buy a limited run for $20+ when there is a $5.95 mini book version. This limits the upside of any modern comics. Some buy variant covers, but nearly all variant covers are down from 5 years ago. It doesn’t halp that there are dozen of x-men, spiderman, batman series to choose from. I am surprised comics are not rentable like dvds and records. I think many people would pay 20% to read a comic series. The Magneto Testament seeries features a young Magneto in a concentration camp. It is well written. Again the $20 cost for the five issues will be reduced as Marvel eventually binds this to a minibook. I expect the series to be in the $7-10 range for those get a NM set.


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