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The Spot.

March 29, 2009

The villain first appeared in Spectacular Spiderman #98 in 1985. I bought a copy in NM for $3.
The Spot returns in Amazing Spiderman #598. This issue sold out immediately in my store. I nabbed one on EBAY for $2. It looks good as ever when reading the marvel comics website.



March 23, 2009

While taking photographs in the desert, Julie Martin witnesses the explosion of a battle suit and its pilot, the end result of a live munitions exercise. The suit, now reduced to small pellets, rains down on Julie and her pick-up truck. The pellets are heavy, landing with significant force and adhere to both Julie and her truck. Julie returns home, still covered in pellets, and listens to a voice mail from her husband who is insisting she sign divorce papers. Julie attempts to remove the pellets that have stuck to her using a rag, only to have the pellets spread and bond to a portion of her body.

The comic is getting more violent as the man witht he metal hand just blasts people to bits. The flaw is the Julie has a cellphone and that can be tracked by government agents. Ever notice that the phone never needs charging?