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April 20, 2009

Another one sold for $35. It was VF+/NM per photo on ebay.


Overstreet 2009 is out

April 11, 2009

I just fininshed reading the dealer and collectors view of what is hot and not hot. Captain America 14 which features the winter soldier is hot and coming. Recent EBAY unreserved sold for 22 in VF photo. Kickass #1 is not found at all. Green lantern Neal Adam keys 76-84 are plentiful and over $100 in VF. Werewolf by Night 32 features first Moon Knight is hot also. Look for Spiderman 129 to be another solid seller for the Punisher Origin. Not this decade was really hot. One dealer remard Marvel has 130 titles out. This reminds me of the 1970s with all the comics coming out. Those with a keen eye got the right ones.

52 Weeks (2006) #9 NM is only $2 at the local comic store. It is the first appearance of the lesbian batwoman who will take over Detective in the summer. Buy one to read and keep the best for an investment or so.