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X-Factor 200

December 27, 2009

Thnvisible Woman has vanished and Franklin Richards comes to Madrox seeking help to find his lost mother – but he’s not alone. “And Valeria! It’s really not ‘X-Factor’ unless you have a creepy little girl,” remarks David. “I’m actually toying with the notion of seeing if we can make Valeria a regular part of the book. I don’t think the Fantastic Four office would go for it, but she’d sure fit in! Indeed, Darwin says to Jamie, ‘The little kid’s creeping me out.’ To which Jamie says, ‘Well, that’s because Layla was before your time.’”

I hope it doesn;t lose it fanbase by breaking the success of the last run.


Blackest Night or Necrosha

December 14, 2009

I chose Necrosha. The first issue was all the difference. DC just made it that they come alive. Selene in DC gather her faithful and now raising the dead to serve her. A good comic dealer can pull every Necrosha title that comes out. Right now it is running one a week.