Do you remember your 1st trip to a comic book shop

I had bought comics on and off at supermarkets, hallmark cards and newstand, but a college comic store opened in Dekalb run by Paul Bisgaard. the inflation of the 70’s made people sell them and I bought many of the older x-men for 50 cents apiece. The title was reruns and no one seemed to care that Neal Adams and Jim Steranko did some specular art there.


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2 Responses to “Do you remember your 1st trip to a comic book shop”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    I grew up in De Kalb in the 70s and bought nearly my whole Spider-man collection at Bisgaard’s over the course of about five years. Strangely I had a dream about Paul last night and decided out of curiosity to see if I could track him down on-line, and your blog is the only place that his name or the store comes up on the entire Internet.

    • shulquist Says:

      Jonathan, Thanks for the comment. Paul helped me complete the Neal Adams/Jim Steranko X-men series. I spent my paper route money at his store.

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