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Metropolis Index

March 29, 2010

All the major comics in one stock market like portfolio,

I am sure some enterprising soul will offer shares in a portfolio like this.



March 28, 2010

Spider-Man first encountered the Venom symbiote in Secret Wars #8.

NM is $11. Def one to grab as potential is there for another movie.


March 25, 2010

Mark Millar comic. Out now. The variant is selling for $20 like mad. Get the original and put it away.

Kick-ass #1

March 7, 2010

In NM, it is currently going for $15-20. Will it be a great investment?

Historically, the issue is in abundant supply and Ebay and others are full with them. The movie comes out April 16 and will do great. This will increase demand. It could easily go to $30 in the days after the movie. With the comic, several editions are out there. Only the first original edition is the one holding the value. The red one is another worth nabbing under$15 in NMif it comes around.

So buy now, sell on the weekend of the movie, and rebuy when it goes back down.