Incredible Hulk #180 Why so LOW?

I get asked this alot. It was the first appearance of Wolverine. Why is #181 the key?

The holy grail of the bronze is that because he actually fights the Hulk in the issue. #180 he is some Weapon X that follows orders. His name is not on the cover, but Wendigo is.

There is supply and demand. Hulk 181 is more valuable than Hulk 180 because of the story and the fight.  Also,  far more Wolverine and X-Men fans have wanted to own it. If everyone considered the teaser to be the most important the price would reflect it. Any collectable is only worth what someone else will pay for it. This compares similarly to Grendel’s appearance in the Comico Primer for 6 pages. Grendel #1 is worth much more.

#181 in raw Nm is $1000 and 9.4 cert is around $1500ish.

#180 is not shabby with raw NM running anywhere from $300-500 and 9.4 hit $700-800

Maybe someday they will be equal, but history shows not.


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