Atlas Comics Coming Back?

Martin Goodman, the Founder of Marvel Comics, created Atlas Comics. On October 8th, 2010, Jason Goodman, the grandson of Marvel’s Founder, will re-launch Atlas Comics at the New York Comic-Con. The original 1970s Atlas published 23 different comic book titles (for 65 total issues) and a handful of black and white magazines. it was launched in mid-1974 by Marvel Comics’ founder Martin Goodman, and collapsed in mid-1975. It managed to poach a handful of Marvel creators by offering the highest page rates comics had ever seen and ownership rights to creators of characters. Ardden Entertainment publishing revivals of The Grim Ghost and Phoenix as a starting point.

I doubt the $3.99 prices are helping comics. People can pay for winners in a Graphic Novel for $15. Why buy four unproven comics.

I did like the Destructor by Ditko. But it is dated too.


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