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Comic Book Art

October 17, 2010

Original Painting By Jim Balent & Joe DeVito

The Mona Lisa of the Comic Art World

$450,000 is the asking price.


But many art is going up on prices.

Neal Adams original covers go for the $5000-20,000 range.

Wally Wood goes over $20,000.

The key is to buy art from the rare key comics.

Covers will cost more.

But original art is not cheap.




Auctioneer will sell 40-year collection of comic books found in man’s basement Read more:

October 11, 2010

“I was selling an estate in Florissant, Mo.,” he said. “Down in the basement there was container after container after container of comic books, to the tune of 26,000. It was the owner’s brother who had collected them all.”

She said most of the comics date from the 1980s until now, but she thinks there are some as early as 1977.

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Most are worth like a quarter at best, more like a dime. So maybe $500 at best.
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Comic book collector learns fine art of letting go

October 3, 2010

Alaniz knows some would consider it silly that a 42-year-old man should be so attached to bits of paper and ink, books never really meant to last that long. A professor at the university, he sounds a bit apologetic for what he can only describe as his own sappiness (not an easy thing for a serious, somewhat nerdy academic to embrace).

Still, though he would soften the blow by keeping 10 of his most prized comic books, it would not be easy to let go.

Those he kept were “mostly stuff from deep in my childhood, which, in ways that still surprise me, remain part of my DNA and probably always will,” he wrote in a post on his blog. “Uh, can I get buried with some of these?”

He knows that he is not alone. There are others out there — collectors, pack rats, fellow closet sentimentalists — who will understand.


I understand it completely. I found that keeping 10 is impossible.