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Scott Snyder stuns Detective 871

November 28, 2010

I always get detective magazine in my pull list. It seems to be the place to try new Batman themes. Issue 871 seemed ordinary except I noticed it was sold out.  It never sells out. I felt Snyder is right up there with Brubaker and Millar in crime writing. Three pictures show it.


The Guild

November 21, 2010

The third and final issue of The Guild comic book is was a disappointment. So many just die short deaths.

As with the previous two issues, two versions of the cover art exist, one by series artist Jim Rugg (shown) and on by Juan Ferreyra. This is the Rugg version.

I liked the comic since it takes a game into online worlds and I thought the real work art vs. the fantasy one contrast was excellent.

Right now the comic is found many places for $2.99.


Princess of Darkness and adult comics

November 14, 2010

The hype is that these will be collector items like Robert Crumbs underground comics. Many like PoD are exceptionally well drawn. The problem is the writing. It flows like a 60’s horror movie. Girl discovers a demon. Gets brutally assaulted. Then the demon appears to kill everyone. Sounds like the X rated Hulk of the feminine retread? but the writing is not enjoyable.



Princess of Darkness #1 can generally be found for $10.

Freakangels or the future of comics.

November 9, 2010



No printing.

No diamond.

No Marvel.

This is the future for most smaller comics.

They are selling 99 cents apps for monthly issues.

The artist/writers are free.

Embrace change!