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The Titleless Covers

January 30, 2011

$2.99 not $3.99

only DC.

Stunning art.


I think people spend so much a month on comics.

If they cost more, they buy less.


First Archie that I bought

January 23, 2011

Quite the surprise.

Paradigm Shift

January 16, 2011



The illustration is great, and the storyline keeps me guessing. There is such a build-up to what is going to happen!


Secret Six 28

January 10, 2011

Sometimes you have to capture the mood in the great start to 2011…

Action. Great joy in getting the killer. Wow!



January 2, 2011

Milo The Cloud is written and drawn by Sean Archer, who lives in Chicago, where it’s very often cloudy, and just as often full of adventure.  So, Milo is always around, and sometimes brings friends.  Sean started writing Milo the Cloud at the end of 2008, even though he’d created the character a little over a year previous.  Sean hopes to bring Milo to the world, and share with everyone his light and his zest for being.  Sean hopes also that no one takes anything Hank or Lou does all too seriously.  They are good company, because without them, Milo would just be a lonely little cloud.