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X-Factor keeps it rolling

February 26, 2011

Dark noir humor.



Young X-Men

February 21, 2011

12 Issues.

Factory farming of mutants for dollars.

The series can be bought used for $10 or so.

A few more years and it will be a memory.

X-Men First Class Movie

February 12, 2011\\

Mystique, White queen, beast furry. Wasp.

The 60’s.

Magneto pulling the sub out of the water from the helicopter.

It will different than the 2006 comic X-men first class.

X-Men First #1. $2 NM.

Deal of the Century.

Get some.

Simone vs. Snyder

February 6, 2011

The two best writers and DC has them.

Snyder in Detective this month


Enjoy both.