second annual C2E2

I got busy and could not make it so here are the best tweets!

mdevito Michael DeVito

We had a great weekend at c2e2 lots of art and books sold. Complete sell out of stuff tpbs and lots of sketches.

Wizard World Chicago, long the sole comic book convention in the Windy City, has some new competition this year with the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo

kaijustorm Brian MacMillan

Just met #Claudio Sanchez, writer/ lead singer of #Coheed & Cambria comics here @ #C2E2 Chicago
briannastaite briannastaite

C2E2: ‘The Walking Dead’ Panel: Jon Bernthal and Laurie Holden spill what they know about season 2 and a certain…
Matt_OKeefe Matt O’Keefe

definite highlight of #c2e2 was meeting @skottieyoung & @caseymccauley & learning they might do more devil and me!
alanjporter Alan J. Porter

Books sold out, comics found, great conversations, things to follow up on. Thanks Chicago for a great #c2e2 weekend.
robertliefeld robertliefeld

Very strong Marvel/DC presence for news at C2E2. Looks like New York, Chicago and San Diego are the bog news shows now.
I will miss you fellows nerds, geeks, and outcasts. Your smell didn’t kill me, your costumes did not scar my eyes. I will miss thee #C2E2
OffDutyGamers Off Duty Gamers

The @C2E2 show was good, the @battlefield 3 game play was amazing. Thanks @synergisticfx for taking the time to talk.
Also lots of sword sellers. If I didn’t know they wouldn’t let me on the bus home w one, totally would’ve gotten a replica from Bleach
jelliepup Jellie

Aww! My boyfriend bought me a Bender plushie ❤ #c2e2
ahaywa Andrew Hayward
Caught the Battlefield 3 live demo at #C2E2. Well, goddamn.

forcecast The ForceCast

The main character in Star Wars: Agent of the Empire will be Jahan Cross. #C2E2

LeeoftheJungle Lee O’Hanlon

You guys make being an artist a blessing. Take care all occupants of #C2E2

Gloqwi Kaillif

Just one my first game against a human player in MvC3. Felt pretty damn badass. Deadpool, Felicia and Zero FTW! #c2e2
fangopedia Fangopedia

Scott Snyder @ C2E2 – Comic Book Resources #vampire

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