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Rob Sato needs to come to back comics

April 24, 2011

He is one of the creative artists out there and 2005 was his last work.


Green Lantern #57 (White Lantern Variant Edition)

April 17, 2011

1:10 White Lantern Variant cover by RYAN SOOK, FERNANDO PASARIN & JOEL GOMEZ BRIGHTEST DAY continues as what readers have been asking for finally arrives: a male Star Sapphire in the form of the Predator.

I just think the cover is awesome.

Art Baltazar and Tiny Titans

April 10, 2011


Art Baltazar shows how you can make an impact with great amine style art.

The Free Comic Book Day 2008 #1 is under $2 and is fun!

2011 Eisner Awards Nominees.

April 3, 2011

The judges have also chosen 14 nominees from which voters will select 4 to be inducted in the Hall of Fame for 2011. These nominees are Bill Blackbeard, Chris Claremont, Kim Deitch, Rudolph Dirks, Mort Drucker, Jenette Kahn, George McManus, Dennis O’Neil, Harvey Pekar, Cliff Sterrett, Roy Thomas, Rodolphe Töpffer, George Tuska, and Marv Wolfman.

I would hope Roy Thomas gets in.