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Green Lantern 9, Batman Variant

August 28, 2011

If 9.6 or higher it goes over $100.

9.8 goes over $200

Pretty tough to find in raw NM.


Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide

August 21, 2011

Finally out.

Now downloadable also.

Glenn Beck lost his shit about it too, saying that the new Spiderman looks like Obama.

August 13, 2011

Beck openly admits he doesn’t read comic books in his rant about the new Spidey, then says that the story arc is a narrative about the Obama administration. So you say you don’t read comics…but then you make comments about the story…I just…I don’t know where to begin. This reasoning is illogical and I refuse to rant about you Mr. Beck

A New Spidey

August 7, 2011

Miles Morales, a half-black, half-Hispanic character

An influx of racist and ignorant comments.

Others will see a multiracial and multiethnic Spider-Man that carries the promise of a better, more harmonious future

This is business.

If you don’t buy. Miles dies.

What’s Going from the Old DCU

August 1, 2011

For one thing, the WildStorm characters — including Midnighter, Apollo, Voodoo, Grifter and the crew — have been integrated into the DCU’s history, seemingly replacing the Justice Societ

Collectors Corner of Baltimore, Maryland give you $52 off if you preorder all 52 by the end of August. The toal with sales tax will be $113.93

A year from now, the $113 will be $75 then $52.

Two Scott Snyders and One Gail Simone titles.

When in doubt, choose great writers.