Super Crooks

“Here is something I’ve wondered ever since I was a kid: Why do super-villains always commit crimes n Metropolis, Gotham and New York City when Batman, Superman and Spider-Man are there?” asked Millar, the Scottish writer of “Kick Ass” and “Wanted.” He added: “The entire cast of the Avengers live in New York so if I were a super-villain I’d go somewhere I’m less likely to bump into Captain America. That’s the basic conceit of ‘Supercrooks.’”

Meet Johnny Bolt, a super criminal who’s just committed a robbery alongside a gang of thugs. He’s stopped and sent back to prison by a foul-mouthed brute called the Gladiator. Meanwhile, in Vegas an elderly super criminal who used to be called The Heat gets busted for trying to cheat at a casino in Vegas. As punishment, the higher ups give him a month to produce $100 million dollars as payback. He seeks out the recently released Johnny and his girlfriend Kasey (a former super criminal), and it looks like we’ve got a super-powered heist story on our hands. Seeking an environment away from all the heroes, our criminal protagonists are on their way to Spain!

Millar absolutely loves reveling in the seamy side of comic book heroics, and in this case, villainy.  His characters typically ooze corruption and greed among other nasty traits.  So it’s funny here that the villains seemingly exude admirable traits like loyalty and friendship!  Johnny and Kasey both studied under Carmine and seem to have his back completely.  The fact that Johnny committed the robbery on his wedding day, not out of greed, but in order to ensure he and his new wife had money to live on, almost seems noble!


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