Pixu, 2009 Mark of evil

This gripping tale of urban horror follows the lives of five lonely tenants — strangers — whose lives become intertwined when they discover a dark mark scrawled on the walls of their building.

The horror sprouts quite innocently from a small seed and finds life as something otherworldly, damaged, full of love, hate, fear, and power.

As the walls come alive, everyone is slowly driven mad — defenseless against the evil in the building, stripped of free will, leaving only confusion, chaos, and eventual death.

Originally self-published as a two-volume book, this groundbreaking work receives a deluxe presentation in a hardcover edition with a sketchbook section.

 The 2008 Eisner Award-winning team for Best Anthology — Gabriel Bá (The Umbrella Academy), Becky Cloonan (American Virgin), Vasilis Lolos (The Last Call), and Fábio Moon (Sugarshock) — return with their latest collaboration,Pixu: The Mark of Evil.


Fábio: Bá and I always worked together. We learned long ago that collaborating with other people who you feel inspired by creates a “good internal competition.” We see great stuff and we want to do great stuff, and that has been the fuel of our brotherly collaborations, and we saw that same energy in Becky and Vasilis work, especially when they worked together and also challenged each other.

The Original series was two volumes.

Becky: We only did 1,000 copies, so it’s really limited.



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