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Death of relationships in comics

June 24, 2012
Superman doesn't date Lois Lane. 
Spiderman is not with Mary Jane
The X-factor is casual date. 
Where is the romance?
In the Gay comics. 
Kevin Keller.
Green Lantern. 

100s of comics and romance is not a seller?

Comics Sales up due to movies?

June 17, 2012

Diamond has released their preliminary information on May’s sales charts, and Marvel is back in units and dollars—both hard won victories—while AvX topped the singles chart and the New 52 trades topped the books charts quite handily.

Comics sales are up 40% from May 2011 —so if you want to know if the New 52 was a sales success, there’s your answer right there.

NOTE: May was a five week month, as opposed to last year which was a 4-week month.

New Marvel Superhero Inspired By Hearing Impaired Boy

June 2, 2012

Marvel has become one New Hampshire mom’s superhero. The comic book creator drew up a new hearing impaired superhero to encourage her four-year-old son, Anthony Smith, to wear his hearing aid. The mom explains what led up to the creation of this new character.
“And I said, ‘Okay, let’s put in Blue Ear and he looks at me in a really sad way and he said, ‘Mommy, super heroes don’t wear Blue Ears.’ And I was gutted. I thought, ‘Oh, no. Not now. You’re only four.’ So, I did what every mother does. I lied. I said, ‘Sure they do.’ He said, ‘Which one?’ And I said, ‘Um, Captain America.’ And he said, ‘How do you know?’ I said, ‘I’m the mom. I just know.’ And then I was worried. You know, what if he asks someone else and they tell him the truth about Captain America? So, that was when I started looking around on the internet, trying to see. And I posted something on my Facebook and a bunch of my friends said, ‘There’s Daredevil, there’s all these other superheroes.’ So, I thought maybe there’s one that’s hearing impaired. But I couldn’t find anything. So, I was on the Marvel site and I found an e-mail, and I just said, ‘I’ll give it a shot.’”
The new superhero’s name is “Blue Ear.” He’s a member of a top-secret government agency called Inter-com. His blue hearing aid allows him to hear “an ant hiccup on the other side of the country.”