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Walking Dead 19 is the hottest comic of 2012

August 26, 2012

Michonne is featured.

Prices have skyrocketed.

CGC 9.8 has sold for $600.

CGC 9.6 is $250-300

Many VF are going over $100.


This is hype.

The risk reward is too high.



Elektra #3 Nude version

August 19, 2012

There are a few thousand out.

Some graded 9.8.

The Overstreet is $50.

Too low.


I figure anyone getting it a guide has a rare comic.

Most times, it just never comes up for sale.

I only see it for sale about 1-2 a month.

That is rare.


Joe Kubert passes away.

August 19, 2012

Joe Kubert, the DC Comics artist who started a school to train future illustrators, has died at age 85, a school official said Monday.

Kubert died Sunday of multiple myeloma, a cancer that attacks bone marrow, said Mike Chen, the academic director of the Kubert School in Dover, New Jersey. He was one of the creators of the long-running “Sgt. Rock,” which followed a U.S. infantry squad in World War II, and “Enemy Ace,” which told stories of both world wars from the perspective of a German fighter pilot.

“We’re very saddened at the loss of our founder and our guide,” Chen told CNN. “He was the heart and soul of the school. If it wasn’t for him and his wife Muriel Kubert, there would be many, many cartoonists in the field both here in the United States and abroad that would not be in cartoons.”

Kubert started the school in 1976 and was still drawing for DC up until his death, contributing to a recent series of prequels to the 1986 graphic novel “Watchmen.” In a statement issued Monday, DC co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio offered “our prayers, our sympathy and our deepest appreciation for everything he’s contributed to comics over the course of his life and career.”

DC, like CNN, is a division of communications conglomerate Time Warner.

Incredible Hulk 92

August 12, 2012


First Planet Hulk.

Greg Pak’s Masterpiece.

VF can be had at $20

NM is $30.

Seeing 9.8 go over $200.

TPB used is $13.99 for softcover

$16.99 for hardback.

Completionist need.

Incredible Hulk 92-106 14 Issues
1 Planet Hulk 1 Shot GIANT SIZE
World War Hulk Prologue
World War Hulk Limited Series1-4

Greg Pak hits a home run with the Red Skull Incarnate

August 5, 2012

Greg Pak tackles the Nazi criminal in a definitive origin story for the Red Skull in Red Skull: Incarnate.

“This is the story of how an orphan becomes a monster. That’s not a simple flipping of a switch — it’s a harrowing, intense, chilling experience, and each issue of the miniseries will reflect that.”



“I approached the covers as if they were real posters, newspapers and Nazi propaganda from that time, kind of in a documentary style. ”

His previous WWII origin story, “Magneto: Testament” used the character’s name and origin to tell a moving, and very historically accurate, Holocaust story.

Where Magneto had you rooting for the villain, here, Pak showed you why some people are just born bad.

Greg Pak is a filmmaker and comic book writer best known for writing the epic Planet Hulk and World War Hulk comic book storylines.

It’s historical setting and attention to period detail is the perfect stage for this origin story.