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Batman 608 Variant

September 23, 2012

Allegedly on 200 printed

Yet I see it for sale quite often.

This sends off the spidey senses.


“This book was a limited print run of less than 200 copies that was ONLY available, 1 per retailer, to retailers who attended a DC RRP meeting years ago.”

Raw NM never is in under $500.

There are many 9.8 since they went to dealers.

It just is not scarce as they talk about.



Comedian #3

September 21, 2012


September 8, 2012

It is a 1:50

It rarely sells below $50.

I looked at the last ten sales and the lowest was $60.



There is a good demand for it so look and you might be able to get it cheaper.

Superman Action Comics #869 NM Recalled Beer Bottle Variant

September 2, 2012

CGC 9.8 $200

NM $99

FN $79

November 2008. DC issued a statement to retailers that the issue was recalled, and that any copies featuring the original cover be destroyed.

The next week, DC reprinted the issue featuring a cover in which the label on the bottle was changed to read “soda pop”.


How Rare?

I would say you could pick up 5 a week for a few weeks then the supply gets tight.

Eventually it will catch the Overstreet Attention and the collectors will grab for it.