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Batgirl #13 Die Cut cover

October 28, 2012

So did you miss the die cut covers?

You are are not alone.

Many are paying $15 already.

Second printing is non die cut.

Quite the surprise for many.


X-Factor 245

October 28, 2012

More subtle humor.

Havok looking like Tron.


Dc wins big court case on Superman

October 22, 2012

On October 17, US District Judge Otis D Wright ruled that the heirs of Superman co-creator Joe Shuster did indeed surrender their right to reclaim their 50-percent interest to DC’s flagship character.

The decision is a major victory  for DC Entertainment and Warner Bros studios, who are now clear to use the character and many of his defining characteristics beyond October 26, 2013. Had the decision gone to the Shuster family, that would have been the date they could have recaptured key trademarks of Superman.

Mark Millar – The nice thing is, because I own them all I can make sure nobody else ever writes them

October 18, 2012

The nice thing is, because I own them all I can make sure nobody else ever writes them, which I quite like the idea of. Because nobody thinks, “Oh Harry Potter 7 needs to be written by a crap new writer.” It has to be 100 years till the licence becomes available, and by that point I won’t care. I love the idea that if anybody is going to fuck up these stories it’s going to be me. I like the idea of writing the books — the books are on my shelf, the books are exactly as I want them and then I just license them to film people and they can have another life in cinema. Somebody can come and do a remake of Kick-Ass and all new material, and that keeps the story alive and fresh. Stan Lee said to me he hated giving up the reigns to Spider-Man  and all that stuff, but because he didn’t own them there was nothing he could do. It’s nice to own all our own characters. Now we actually have creative control and it’s so brilliant compared to the poor guys who did the job a generation before us.

Batman #13 and that eyeball

October 14, 2012

First the comic is great.

Joker madness and even harley is scared.

but the layered cover is not right.


October 7, 2012

It is preview of the Killing Joke Batman story.

X-Factor 244

October 1, 2012



Life choices.




“She needs to give me my knives back”