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Packing Comics

June 26, 2013

Cut two pieces of cardboard larger on all sides of the comic book and tape the comic in the center of one ( in a bag and board). Just a couple of pieces of tape and not all the way across as that will cause a crease. This part is essential as, a good bump will move the comic book to an edge and it get’s crumples. Then you tape it all together into a delicious cardboard and comic book sandwitch. Put that into a envelope so that’s snug. (padded is better). Mark fragile, do not bend in enough places that even Mat Murdoch could see it…
I literally send this to anyone I buy a comic from….


Pretzel Logic on comics

June 25, 2013

It should tell you how volatile the modern speculative market is. It is sad to say, but ‘pretzel logic’ is sometimes the norm. When something is ‘cold’ no one wants it. This is why you often have buyers and speculators who only want or treasure something after it becomes coveted by other collectors and speculators; which occurs generally only after a rise in price. When something is ‘hot’ everyone wants it. Just look at WD #1.


June 24, 2013

sold yesterday for $222.50


Books heating up in Modern Age that are currently $100 or more on eBay

June 17, 2013

Superman Unchained #1 1:300 Sketch Variant @ $261 & 12 bids.
X-Men #297 Gold Pressmen Variant @ $150 & 6 bids.
Grimm Unleashed #1 Philly Nude Variant @ $130 & 28 bids.
Peter Panzerfaust #1 @ $110+ & 8 bids.
Amazing Spider-Man #700 Midtown Variant @ $102+ & 8 bids.
East of West Diamond Retail Variant #1 @ $102+ & 7 bids.
Scarlet Spider #1 Variant @ $100 & 14 bids. 


Green Lantern #9 “Batman Variant” @ $61 & 8 bids.