Chicago Comic Com and Stolen Comics.

From Forums:

As some of you may have heard, several comics were stolen at Wizard World Chicago this past weekend. While some of the books were discovered on site and some of the perpetrators were found, there were still several books unaccounted for and thieves that were not caught.

Here’s an update on some that were recovered after the show and what’s still hanging out there.

1) Hulk 181 cgc 9.2 recovered by Jamie Graham of Graham Crackers and to be returned to Gold Mine Comics

2) Marvel Mystery #55 CGC 2.5 recovered by Jamie Graham of Graham Crackers and to be returned to Victory Comics.

The police were called immediately but did not make an arrest at this time. They did confiscate the books and as soon as the owners contact the police they will have their property back.

Keeping an eye out for others works sometimes. Kudos to Jamie Graham for being so vigilant and for helping these people get their property back!

Not yet recovered:

1) Iron Man #1 (possibly 8.0 waiting for confirmation) stolen from Comic City booth #205 
2) Amazing Spider-Man #1 cgc 4.0 from JHV Associates
3) Amazing Fantasy 15 cgc 7.0 restored Bechara Malouf (nostalgic investments)
4) X-men 61 and Batman 16 from Harley Yee, raw, grades unknown at this time.

There may be more but this is most of the missing that was reported and not recovered at the show.

I bought that ASM 1 7.0 restored from Bechara. He had both the ASM1 and AF15 displayed next to each other. I saw them on Saturday, and a couple hours later I came back to make an offer on the ASM and the AF was gone. Bechara’s display didn’t have a back, so the thief was able to snatch it from behind (that’s what Bechara thought happened). 




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