Comment on selling

The back issue/collectible comics market could no longer exist if collectors didn’t have a venue for selling their stuff outside of comic shops who, for the most part without ebay would be paying 2 cents on the dollar for what comes in their door. otherwise you are just buying stuff that you are told is worth something only to find out you can only get a tiny fraction for it when you sell unless you are willing to become a part-time dealer and set up a table at local shows. how many people want to do that?

so the shop owner who kvetches about the new fangled world ought to realize that whatever back issue business he has left (as well as a certain % of his new book sales) he has the liquidity of the internet to thank for.

honestly, i don’t know how the hobby survived in the 70s and 80s except there were so many buy and hold collectors who never needed to “cash in”. those who needed to cash in were likely to find themselves sorely disappointed because you needed to really buy low to make a profit selling your better stuff to a shop for 10-20% of OPG and getting pennies for everything else. 


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