State of the Market

From dealers. 

There are plenty of New 52 #1s that are still selling for well above cover for me at shows. Animal Man #1 1st is $8-$10, my Aquamans all sold at $15, as well as Justce League (Johns/Lee) #1 (I got as high as $20 for a copy). Batgirl, Batman & Robin, Batman TDK, Flash, Justice League Dark and Wonder Woman go for as high as $15 locally at shows, with most of the others selling in the $6 – $12 range. There are definitely some duds (e.g. Frankenstein, Blue Beetle, Legion) but overall the books still sell well when I put them on the table.

The only recent Marvel book that sells for more than $1 are the Deadpool titles. Outside of the odd variant, the rest are dead except for ASM #700 – I still move the odd one at $20-$25.

New X-Men #128

New X-Men #129

Sales are kind of wonky, and all over the place, but it generally looks like the price has come down, from about $40 or so for #128 to $25 or so



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